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August 11 2015


Dolce Vita perfume Introduction to

This is the sugary oriental aroma by using a spicy woody base. This aroma of joy and happiness reminds us of warm and bright summer season days-the scent of easy living. Leading notes involve lily, magnolia and rose and then peach, apricot and cinnamon in its center as you move the drydown notes are sandal, heliotrope and vanilla. This “sugary” Dior’s classic is created by Pierre Bourdon and Maurice Roger in 1994. Dolce Vita perfume have been my signature odor for quite some time and I would be lost without it. I recieve quite a few compliments on it and wear it each day. The bottle never has a name on it, but has a tiny sticker on the bottom. It is not a scent that Dior pushes but it is a classic that is important on their company. I've been fortunate to have always got a geniune bottle, but feel that it sometimes takes time to the fragrance to settle if it has been posted. Fragrance is definitely personal, individual matter and I am sure it can be in your chemistry as to which scents are right for us. I've continually adored this fragrance. A timeless excellent aroma.The odor certainly not grows old plus it lasts through out your day, a without a doubt good buy. So positive and can make me feel happy, makes me smile. I would like to have it as being a signature scent. It come out of the bottle slightly overwhelming, but quickly mellows and leaves a nice odor will be able to recognize several hours later. I remember being constantly complimented wherever I went, and i also seen that Dolce Vita perfume were built with a extraordinary synergy with my skin considering that a friend that put on it as well has a very different scent for that reason, good, however it produced the difference. Since the point in fact all of my buddies that didn't particularly like Dolce Vita perfume, would regarded as it well- acceptable and magnificient on me. Not any other perfume received this kind of effect with my skin chemistry, so basically, it sometimes really makes a difference how good it works together with your skin. My advice is to try it before purchasing this small beauty and if it's well-balanced together with your body chemistry you'll get yourself a feminine, charming and tres stylish aroma. I acquired a different bottle of Dolce Vita perfume a few months ago I seen it no longer smelled the same....but purchased it anyways. I went to the extent of discussing the difficulty with a sales person at the high-end perfumerie. I had been consulted to shake the perfume container vigorously several times letting it rest in between each shaking. Apparently perfumes separate which enable it to contribute to a perfume's Dolce vita perfume change in scent. Nicely, just after engaging in one day's worth of shaking my Dolce Vita perfume bottle quite a few times...EUREKA'...the famous well-known smell That i used to know as Dolce Vita returned. I'm really pleased and have begun wearing DV just as before. My passion for DV has been recovered. Oh such a perfume ! So delightful and chic, everyone loves just how cinnamon sounds.. This cologne is shiny like the sun. It jogs my memory with the rich holiday full of luxurious and freedom, which often can not always afford. the escape from everyday life, scarce commodity. this perfectly long lasting.

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